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The HR function is all frills and no substance! Is this your idea of an HR department too? Well, you are not alone! I am sure that you would say that HR is just about being nice, looking good, and talking well. It is true, I won't deny that that this is not what we do, but the issue is people are not ready to accept that if the world has evolved so has the HR function.


The HR professional is expected to keep smiling, be nice, patient, manage fun at work, and somehow pull a rabbit from a hat when it is time for the annual review. We should work a miracle and increase salary for all the employees of the company. So the image of any HR is dependent on a couple of factors: 1) If the person is a good listener, 2) how well is s/he able to control his emotions, and 3) how good is the appraisal.  Well, HR does not run the global economy but we are expected to – all the time!


All employees share and vent out their frustrations with the HR professional. They want us to be very supportive that actually means we need to nod to everything and anything that employees say while we may actually feel otherwise. Boss – we are in the same boat just as you!  We too have something that is too hyped nowadays – professionally called as EQ.


It’s strange that how employees can go through a rough day and probably can still get away with it. But HR, we are Gods, we have to smile despite the storm and still look good as it were just a mere breeze. We can also go through a rough day and might not be at our best behaviour every day. Please give us that breathing space as we too are not perfect. Just as you we have had the same education, maybe followed the same daily routine, and most importantly we have performance appraisals. Just as You!! So how come only reading few different subjects frame a different personality?


The irony is that we have “Human” in the profession – "Human Resources" and we are not identified as a part of the system. The idea of sharing my experiences is just a humble effort to get some recognition for the HR community in the changing schema of organisational systems, operations, and processes. So, when you meet the HR, please take a pause, and listen to him/her as well for s/he too has a story to tell.  

About the Author:

Mahima Sharma is an HR professional with experience across industries like Outsourcing, Consulting, and Support.

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September 19, 2013 at 01:29 pm
Mahima said
I am glad Abhishek, I was able to change your opinion.
Mission accomplished.

September 19, 2013 at 12:28 pm
Abby said
The article has changed my opinion of HR atleast. I will be honest and agree that I have always thought of HR as a function where people dont have any work and are just an interface for getting non-business/employee related work resolved/done.
As business my view of HR has been : We want to hire get us CV's , we have hired now get the person onboard ASAP etc. (Have never chucked ppl so have never bothered HR there ;)).

Thanks a lot for making me realise that HR is much more than what i used to think and yah they do contribute by letting the business not worry about a lot of internal things.


May 3, 2013 at 11:19 am
Mahima said
Thanks Neha :)

May 3, 2013 at 09:02 am
neha saxena said
well said Mahima... it is just like i am reading my own thoughts...

May 2, 2013 at 09:06 pm
atul said
Wonderful and simplistic read. As a professional we take some things for granted and this article changed my views about the HR role. Keep up the good work.

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