About Fixerline

Fixerline is a single click online platform to solve all workplace problems. We will help you solve ANY work and job related problem – salary negotiation, dress code for interview, peer pressure, or work culture with our cracking team of experts. Every question posted on Fixerline.com is responded to by an expert called Fixer. You can do all this anonymously as we don’t even ask your name when you sign up. Yes, you don’t need to use your credit card when you register for our quick-fixes to work-life problems.

How it works

In 6 short steps:

  1. Register and verify your email ID
  2. Post a question.
  3. Receive an email alert that your question has been assigned to a “Fixer”.
  4. Receive an email alert that your question has been responded to by a “Fixer”.
  5. Check the Fixer response to your question by clicking the link in the email.
  6. If your question is resolved, click ‘resolved” and submit feedback.

If you still have any questions, contact us on fix@fixerline.com

Fixerline EAP Program

The EAP Program is for corporates that want to improve employee productivity and engagement. Specially designed for assisting employers, the program helps deal with employees who have work problems but have not responded to normal supervision. In helping employees address job and work related issues, we help employers stay ahead. Our programs are delivered in a variety of methods – e-mail, chat, face-to-face consultations – to ensure that each employer’s workforce is using EAP for wellness and stress free work life.

What we believe

Fixerline is built on some core values – 1) passion for excellence, 2) zeal for innovation, 3) trust in relationships, and 4) customer delight. If you don't like us, tell us – we will be happy to hear you, and most importantly walk that extra mile with YOU! Fixerline is not a normal business. Yet it is not an NGO either. We aim at self-sufficiency and that's all that we want for all our customers also – to break free the existing patterns of life and have empowered thinking to workplace challenges.

Start a conversation

Fixerline team loves jigsaws. We see opportunities in problems and are obsessive with making things work – especially broken careers. Human resources, academics, spirituality, we have different work stories yet Fixerline joins us all. Let us know whether you like us, love us or hate us! We are waiting, so join us on facebook or share your comments on Fixer Talk.