Workplace Harassment

Bad temper of my next table co-worker is just like the land mines. It can explode at any time. Whether he is on the phone or talking with other co-workers or me, all of sudden he will unexpectedly jump up, strike the table, raise his voice and pour out a stream of abuse. The unexpected explosion not only frightens me but upset my nerves a lot, especially when I concentrate on my work or help him with some assignments asked by the boss. Last Saturday, he lost his temper and unexpectedly jumped to the roof again when I was assigned to help him preparing report. My heart felt so pain so I needed to yell to release my pressure. Is such a behavior can be called as "workplace harassment?"

ginachung, posted on June 8, 2013 at 02:00 pm    Harassment

Nishta Gupta said June 12, 2013 at 01:51 pm

Dear Ginachung,

By definition, it would not fall in workplace harassment but you can consult your company's HR person for a confirmation as companies have different policies.

There are 3 ways to resolve this matter:
1. Talking to the person directly for a resolution.
2. Sharing this with your manager if you think s/he can influence this person.
3. Involving HR for further action.

You can adopt either of the three approaches depending on your personal comfort and probablity of a closure.

As I can see from your question, you are under a lot of stress and you may want to consider a short holiday to recharge your batteries and find a solution.

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