boss and peer group trouble

I am working in Govt. sector and I was made a part of two member team. The other person of the team is senior to me and me junior. This senior guy committed some mistake and the manager shouted at me infront of other people. I felt very humilated. Although I told him (calmly) dat he cannot talk to me like dat. But now I feel some of my colleagues are also turning hostile towards me. I feel very bad and sometimes a bit left out. What should I do? I feel anxiety and low self esteem most of the time and my SOCIAL SKILLS HAVE TOUCHED A NEW TIME LOW. I want to bond with people and enjoy my work but dat does not happen as I am having a very low self esteem dese days.

isha, posted on July 7, 2012 at 01:17 pm    Boss

Malvika Gupta said July 8, 2012 at 02:08 pm

Well, you need to understand the 90/10 principle!! Remember only 10% of the things that happen to are not in our control, remaining 90% we can control by reacting appropriately. In your scenario, you couldn't have controlled the Boss shouting at you , what you can control is not stressing yourself and not taking it personally. You should understand that what happened, cant affect your self esteem and thats inturn making you feel that your colleagues are turning hostile towards you. Keep a reality check on whethe its really happening or its just that YOU HAVE TURNED HOSTILE TOWRADS YOUR OWNSELF.

P.s- If world seems beautiful on wearing rose coloured glasses, then if you wear dark ones it appears ugly too. LOVE YOURSELF. No one can do things which you do, BETTER THAN YOu!! Good luck

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