Better Work Life Balance or Better Salary?

I am working in a IT company with very good salary in a support group which has shift/stress/long hours/weekends and not a good work life balance. Recently got selected in another company which offers better salary/position but not promising work life balance. Also the present company after I raised my concern, is giving me a dept which has promising work life balance, good learning and somewhat travel in a non technical group. Now the question in front of me is whether I should go to non technical group and enjoy good work life balance or to change company with better salary/position and compromise on my work life balance? The new company has same technology where I am experienced on.

Kushal Jirafe, posted on February 12, 2013 at 01:27 pm    Family and work life

Nishta Gupta said February 14, 2013 at 10:57 am

Dear Kushal,

You need to look at your long term career goals. Any decision made should not have any regrets later in life.

I normally advise that you look at your personal list of priorities as a check list. If work-life balance is more important than opt for the current job and if money is your concern then you can go with the new company.

Just a suggestion, if you like your current company, work culture, and people then you may want to raise the concern of compensation with your current organisation as well?

Best of luck from Fixerline!

Kushal Jirafe said February 28, 2013 at 05:05 pm

Thanks Nishta, I did exactly as you told me to do. All my family members and me sat together and identified what are our priorities for the long term in my career which came out to be Work life balance, Getting more knowledge and somewhat time for my self improvement.

With these priorities, I listed down the facilities and the pros and cons for both the companies and gave rankings. The present company got more rank and so I decided to stay back with the present company with the dept. which promises me a good work life balance.

Already a few days in the new dept. and I am enjoying my stay there. Thanks for all your help.

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