one month salary and reliving letter not giving by company

Dear Sir/Mam, i was working with private sector company from 10 months, my company not given my July 2011 month salary.when i talk to hr head then he is not given any reply and after that i talk to regional manager then he reply that if i resigned then he will release my salary and reliving letter. so that's why i resigned from my all responsibilities. after 2 month later i talk to him and hr head to release my salary and reliving letter but every time he is not giving any answer .till date i have not receive my one month salary and relieving letter. pls tell me what should i do ?

imran, posted on June 28, 2012 at 11:27 am    Salary

Nishta Gupta said June 29, 2012 at 03:40 pm

Dear Imran,

Relieving letter and salary dues is to be issued on leaving gainful employment by the employer. In the given context, you may write to the HR Head with a copy to the Senior Management requesting them to provide with the relieving letter along with pending salary. You may give them a minimum time of 7 days to complete the formalities. Please ensure that you send this letter through registered post wherein you will also get a receipt that the letter has been delivered to the company from the post office. There are some additional charges that you need to bear for a "confirmation of receipt". You can also send an email if you have email contacts and save the same for future reference.

If the company fails to deliver the letter and dues after 7 days, you may get a notice issued through a good lawyer on service matters and demand your relieving letter with pending salary and other damages as you may be entitled to. A lawyer notice would be sufficient to mount pressure on the employer.

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