I have left my job 8 months back due to some personal reasons and am currently looking out for mid level mgmt job. I am registered with almost all job portals but not getting enough interview calls.

I am a banker( Managerial cadre) with a total experience of 12+ in operations, training, quality and customer correspondence and customer services. 8 months back i had to leave my job due to some personal reasons. I am currently looking out for job and registered with lot of job portals, but not getting enough response from companies. I am very depressed as don't know what is the reason for no response. Is it bcoz of my age (36 years) or bcoz of my 8 months job gap or current recession in the job market or something else. I also want to pursue Executive MBA (HR) from some nice university to upgrade my skill, not sure if it will help me to get a nice job in the market. Please advice me

sapna, posted on January 4, 2013 at 12:17 pm    Job search

Nishta Gupta said January 5, 2013 at 02:04 pm

Dear Sapna,

People do take time off from work due to personal reasons like child birth, marriage, and health. As you have decided to restart your career again, you need to communicate the reasons for the gap to your prospective employer effectively. As an employer, I would like to know the reason because I want to be sure that I am employing a person with the right credentials (if you have been chucked out from your previous job) and that you will stay with him long term.

The reason for not getting many interview calls could be many but just to name a few for you to consider:
1. The resume should be updated as then it would show up on the top when a recruiter hunts for resumes.
2. Apply for jobs. The jobs that you want and are advertised on the portals, you need to be proactive and apply for them. Make sure that you are the best match for the job and customise your resume according to the job requirement.
3. Have a cover letter customised for the job. Clicking open a resume attachment takes time and cover letter helps a recruiter to know if s/he should have a look at the resume.
4. Use keywords in your resume.
5. For best results, get family/friends to refer you to jobs.

We would appreciate your feedback if these directions help you in your search.

Best of luck from Fixerline!

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