I am sad

I have recently attended an interview after 2 years in one of top Finance companies for Senior level. I have qualified the interview of 5 rounds and the 6th was Manager's round. I was screwed up completely and this round was very embarrassing. The interviewer asked me many questions related to Accounts and Journal entries.At that time, though my stream was accounts and i have secured 85% in accounts in my academics. I was not able to answer many simple questions which she asked,she advised me in a straight forward way that by simply sitting in chairs i will not get a position. I have realized this fact and I'm feeling very bad about this and wasted a lot of time

Confused, posted on December 27, 2012 at 07:52 pm    Growth

Nishta Gupta said January 1, 2013 at 05:33 pm

Dear Confused:
The way you are feeling is quite normal. Normally, after every "failure" we tend to feel bad about the situation. Now, there are two ways that you can look at it:

1. Feel bad, curse your luck, and cry over split milk. OR,
2. Thank the interviewer for her time and share with her that the meeting was insightful and a learning experience for you. I would also suggest that you brush your skills as we normally tend to forget the basics that we learnt at school. When you are confident, I would suggest that you go back to the lady and ask for a meeting slot so that she can assess you again.

I don't see the entire cycle as a wasted effort as it has been a learning experience. You cleared 5 rounds of interview and failed in one round which according to me is a good score. You should focus your energy positively. If you try again, I am sure that you will make it in the next shot. Happy fixing!

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