Should I work or keep trying in business?

I currently doing business running an ad agency with client like vlcc , pvr blue etc. but business not going great due to funds in few trapped payments. Feeling stress want to join job or want to give a fresh start to career by enrolling self in mba prog. Previously i was working with dt cinemas as team leader in my early days, I have experience of 4 years in ad agency as well.

vikas mathur, posted on December 13, 2012 at 06:57 pm    Growth

Nishta Gupta said December 17, 2012 at 02:42 pm

Dear Vikas,
You have good experience to either restart a job or continue with business. The decision must be weighed by a couple of factors:
1. Is this a temporary situation in business? Do you think you can manage the cash flow in your company long term? Trapped payments is a common problem in the Indian scenario. If you think that you can wriggle out of this then you can consider this as a career long term else this will only add to your financial burdens. Have you used the advance option? Companies normally ask for 50% advance to begin a project with a customer to safeguard themselves from losses.
2. Do you have a family to fend for and this is causing you stress?
3. The job search process can be time consuming, so keep looking after your business till you get a job.
You should try and fight out for your trapped payments in some of the big companies that you have named above even if you decide to go with a job. This may mean you visiting the office of these companies on a regular basis or sending a notice to these companies.
4. A business needs a lot of passion. It will have many bends and roadblocks. You should be ready to face it. It has extreme highs and lows. So, you need to think and decide if you are ready to face this journey both mentally and also from a family perspective. Once you take a decision, you need to give it your 100%.

Happy fixing!

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