How do i project myself through CV as a person with varied experience?

i am a versatile professional with 13 years of experience in varied areas starting from Business development to marketing to client relations to operations. Simply put i am a jack of all. Have been going with the wind and landing in jobs that came my way. Sure i picked up a lot of skills along the way. i know i am capable of fitting into any role in any organization. Now my problem is i am unable to project myself impressively through my CV.please guide me.

me, posted on November 28, 2012 at 07:03 pm    Job search

Nishta Gupta said November 30, 2012 at 04:29 pm

Dear ME,

As you have multiple skills, I suggest you build a couple of versions of your resume. For eg, a version for business development and then another version for operations and so on. Each version should highlight your achievements in that specific domain - for eg the BD version should highlight your sales achievements, targets achieved etc. The other skills that you have can be mentioned but the focus should be on the single area that you are focusing in your resume. You can also build a generalist resume for positions that require jack-of-all-trade skills.

Use each version tactfully to apply for jobs. Customise your resume before applying and make sure that you have a cover letter. Happy fixing!

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