Job search in electonics n communication engineering

I am pursuing BtTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I m worried about future jobs can u pl tell me what are the relevan companies? What are there basic requirements?

ipshita, posted on May 25, 2012 at 12:33 am    Job interview

Nishta Gupta said May 27, 2012 at 08:11 pm

Dear Ipsita
As a youngster, we all have dreams of working in a great company. Big names attract us and so do fat salaries:-) In our aspiration for a good job in a fiercely competitive market, we become anxious and the joy of learning is taken over by stress. While it is very important be competitive, let us acknowledge that the learning is far more important. So while in college, I would suggest that you take full advantage of this time and have fun with learning. Rest will follow - if not today then tomorrow.

As a BTech student, there are huge opportunities before you for eg - Telecom is a sector that you can explore. You need to evaluate your interests and then match it with the sectors that you want a job in. In the telecom sector, we have some big names like Alcatel. If you research the Internet, you will easily come across the list of companies in India. However, to begin a job search, you need to equip yourself with a resume. There are a lot of fresher job sites on the internet as well. You can apply for jobs through those sites. Network with family and friends for potential opportunities. Normally, companies hire freshers that they conduct internship with.

Every company has its eligibility criterion - if you are looking at private sector. Some of the MNCs give very high importance to communication skills. Some even conduct aptitude tests for freshers.

There are ample opportunities in the market -be confident about yourself and your skills. I am sure rest everything will fall into place in due course of time. Chill and have fun with friends. There is nothing like college life. Best of luck!

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