What is formal corporate dressing in india?

1) Are half sleeved shirts ok in formal dress? 2) Are checks ok? 3) Are dark shirts and light trousers ok? Are black trousers ,white socks and black shoes ok?

JoGo, posted on October 27, 2012 at 03:09 pm    Company (work place)

Nishta Gupta said October 28, 2012 at 12:08 pm

Dear JoGo,

"Formal corporate dress code' in India is a very generic question. We should break this question into sectors - for eg, IT sector has business casual as a formal dress code but this would be very different from a manufacturing set-up that has a more traditional approach. So, you need to define the dress code based on your industry and specifically the company that you are working with. However - there are still some broad guidelines that we can follow as a formal corporate dress code.

1. Wear clean wrinkle-free clothes to office.
2. The clothes should be well-fitted to your size.
2. Sleeveless shirts are not considered formal wear. Checks are okay but they should not be too broad.
3. Dark shirts are okay but avoid light colour trousers. Normally, the shirts are light coloured preferably a white/light blue and the trouser dark in colour.
4. Choose socks color in coordination with your trousers and not your shirt. Make sure that the socks are clean and don't expose any skin when you sit down.

Last but not the least, keep it simple and neat. The clothes that you wear should be comfortable and help in building your brand within the organisation. You can also check with your HR department for a dress code policy for the organisation. Happy fixing!

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