I have quit my job from the past 1 month!

I have left my job from the last 1 month. When I asked my boss for my pending salary he said that I will pay you lesser amount that the salary due to me. What should I do?

uttam, posted on May 15, 2012 at 08:50 pm    Salary

Nishta Gupta said May 16, 2012 at 12:24 pm

Dear Uttam,
You have a right to claim the salary due to you by your employer. Organisations normally take some time to calculate dues that includes paid leaves etc that is given to you after you leave the organisation but within a defined period of time. As you have not filled up your profile details, it is difficult to understand what kind of organisation that you work with. I need your help to understand this in better detail:
1) Any specific reason why your Boss is denying you the legal salary due to you?
2) Is there anybody higher up in the organisation that you can share your problem with? Have you tried to speak to your Boss's Boss?
3)Is there anybody in the company who can influence your Boss to pay you the full amount due to you?
4) Do you have an appointment letter/ salary slip that states your monthly salary?
5) Does your organisation have an HR department?

Once we have responses to these queries, we can fix this problem. Thank you!

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