How to prove HR employees are BIG assets to the organisation ?

Business & HR hard fails to recognition employee effort.

Sakthi, posted on August 26, 2012 at 01:44 pm    Company (work place)

Nishta Gupta said August 28, 2012 at 01:43 pm

Dear Sakthi,

You have raised a very pertinent question. HR is the backbone of every organisation as it is responsible for employee management, recruitment, and engagement. Yet it does not get the importance it deserves, a place on the management board with contribution to every critical decision of the company - atleast in the Indian context! There are reasons for it. It is perceived that HR is not generating revenues for the company. However, that is a perception only. Perceptions can change with time through planned effort at a leadership level wherein HR contributes to company's vision and strategy. Some of the things that HR can do:
1. Prove HR ROI - Like other depts and teams, HR needs to showcase its achievements in numbers and data. This need not be confined to recruiting targets only. For eg, how HR has improved sales efficiency through employee engagement.
2. Benchmarking - Competition tracking can be very helpful. You need to demonstrate to your CEO how other organisations especially MNCs are improvising HR function to increase employee productivity that has helped the organisation grow. You can use case studies, papers, demos etc.
3. HR Plan - You will have to work out an HR plan that will help the organisation achieve its annual goals. Each milestone should clearly highlight the linkages to the organisation goals.
4. Last but not Least, HR should not be silent spectator in the organisation. HR team should not just play the role of a supportive function. Voice your opinions in the organisation with data and analysis. HR should be assertive when needed as wrong hiring, compensation, increments etc can impact employee motivation adversely.

These are some general tips, you will have to make your strategy depending on the vision of the CEO and the overall organisation goals. Happy Fixing!

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