Self employment or job change?

I have been in the IT Industry since 1996. Over the years I have got exposure in Software Product Development, IT Solutions and Project Implementation Experience. I have always been working in Lead Positions since the start of my career. Being a company where standard process/procedures are not followed in any of the above streams, my exposure to them is also minimum. Being a self learner, I managed to deliver results by hands-on and team building initiavities. I have spent almost 12 years doing this in the same Company. Its basically a System Integration Company. Today I am on the crossroads where I feel I am jack of all fields and master of none. There are short comings to fulfill for each of the above streams in case I want to move forward. For example: If I want to seek a job change, I am not in touch with the latest technologies for the past 3 years now. Are there companies which can make use of my experience in mixed fields? Or, should I confidently get into something of my own where I can capitalize on my experience.

hi2raghu, posted on August 24, 2012 at 01:08 pm    Job change

Nishta Gupta said August 25, 2012 at 11:55 am

Dear Hi2Raghu,

You have posed a number of questions that need self exploration. There are couple of things that need further analysis:
1) You seek a career change, maybe a job change and if that does not happen then you would like to start something of your own. Is that the priority? We need to explore this further. Employment and Entrepreneurship - both need different strategies and plans. Also, they need different skills and mindsets. Being an entrepreneur is challenging as it needs lot of patience and finance to support you as it will take sometime for you to make money. Are you ready for the challenge?
2) Do you enjoy your current job? What is it that you like most about it?
3) There are lot of companies that can use your experience. If you are not familiar with Six Sigma processes, it is very easy to learn about them. So, I dont feel that this should be a weakness. While it is good to know your weaknesses, I feel that you should also focus on your personal strengths. That shall help you find the right areas to channelize your energies and find the job/career that suits your interest and will help you grow.
4) Why do you feel that you are not in touch with latest technologies, systems, processes? With the Internet exploding with information, you can always keep pace with new trends. With a technology background, you can always speed up.
5) Please share some information about the company that you work for. Is it a small company or big company? What kind of culture does it have? After 12 years of working with the same company, why do you seek a career change?

Happy Fixing!

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