I am not getting any response despite applying to many jobs

I was working as science teacher in a private school in india and i am not happy with that job. i want to move in singapore and interested to work in Hotels or in Companies(as a office assistant).i have done my Bachelor degree in Science and post graduate diploma in computer Applications. i am not getting any response from any employer. i have sent my resume to number of Companies in Singapore through internet. plz help me to find a good job.

Navdeep , posted on July 28, 2012 at 12:56 pm    Job change

Nishta Gupta said July 30, 2012 at 12:13 pm

Dear Navdeep,
I read an interesting quote that I would like to share with you: "Never waste your time wondering about what might have been. Get busy thinking about what still might be. And trusting that whatever it is, it will leave you glad that what might have been, never came to be". ~ Sandra Kring.

Sometimes we apply for jobs and we dont get any response as there is some gap in our application. Normally, companies need you to appear in person for face to face interviews and when they see that you are an overseas candidate they dont shortlist you. As you have been directly applying through the internet you have not been successful. I would suggest you to do a couple of things:
1) Find recruitment agencies that work for companies in Singapore and in the sector that you want a job. They will do the initial screening and then forward your resume. Your chances will brighten up. Talk to them and understand the way that you need to market yourself.
2) Do not close the India chapter till you find another job in Singapore. You can consider relocating to another city in India with an MNC that has office in Singapore. And once you join that company work your way through a foreign posting within the organisation. While this may look like a long process but the chances of success are much higher.

Last but not the least, life has its ups and downs. With self-belief and patience, you will come through with flying colors. Keep smiling.


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